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Blacksburg, VA Engagement Session

Where do I even start with this session? 1. It just got sweeter as it went on 2. During the session I constantly caught myself thinking - are these two straight out of a romance movie?? The way these two interact with each other and show their love should put a smile on anyones face!

We started by an old house on Virginia Tech's campus that's by a beautiful lake (with lot's of cute birdies all around). Basically it looks like something out of a fairytale. We then spent some time in a field with a GORGEOUS view of the Blue Ridge Parkway. To soak up golden hour and finish up our session we followed a trail to another lovely field and they sat on a blanket, enjoyed the sun and some Coke's, played guitar and together (does it get better??)!

This is one you'll want to scroll all the way through! I promise it keeps getting sweeter!

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