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Outer Banks Sunrise Couples Session - Duck, North Carolina

If you know me you probably know I'm not so much of a morning person. We were on vacation in the Outer Banks for the first night and I had set up two shoots to do while there, one being a sunrise session! So, I basically peeled myself out of the bed in what seemed like the middle of the night, poured some cold brew coffee into a cup and headed out the door with my sister and her boyfriend. We drove to Duck and met at a little cottage in the pitch black. Here I am thinking I got up early and comes to find out this lovely couple tells me they just drove a few hours in the middle of the night to get there! Sometimes I feel so blessed by the couples that choose to trust me in taking their photos.

We drove down the coast some more until we found the spot we wanted to get onto the beach and ran around and got soaked by the waves as the sky lit up (well they got soaked, not me haha!). It turned out to be a pretty hazy morning, but the soft bluish-pink lit skies made it well worth it.

Afterwards we headed to Duck's Cottage Coffee + Books (probably the cutest coffee shop ever) and ordered some coffee and took a few more photos inside of this cozy little place. Here's some of my favorites from the session!

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